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  1. Simple Product

    Blue madhubani earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 2,266.00

    Bringing to you the vibrance and colours of Mithila, the madhubani collection inspired by the eye caatching geometric patterns and colours of this lovely art form, translates beautifully in these jewels, light and breezy they make an effortless statement. Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Jaipur love fan danglers

    Special Price: ₹ 2,730.00

    Inspired by the beauty and vibrance of the city, capturing its essence in vivid colours and intricate patterns. Fall in love with the fun and dynamic pieces from this collection  Learn More

  3. Simple Product

    Single fish earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 876.00

    For those who like to keep it simple! These single charmed earrings keep things light while adding the much needed pop of colour! Learn More

  4. Simple Product

    Paper planes and pearls earring

    Special Price: ₹ 2,266.00

    Taking us back to carefree times of our school days teamed with the romance of growing up, here's a collection that brings to you the innocence and charm from both the worlds in a fun pair of earrings. Learn More

  5. Simple Product

    Bird in the window earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 1,494.00

    Inspired by the beautiful and vivacious culture of India, here’s a collection that brings to you its exquisite grandeur in a pop of vibrant colours.Striking flowers and happy birds transport you to an enchanting world of glee and glamour.A perfect blend of folksy charm and classic elegance to brighten your day, prepare to fall in love! Learn More

  6. Simple Product

    Lotus love earrings-green

    Special Price: ₹ 3,296.00

    Beautiful statement earrings, inspired by the effervescent lotuses that adorn indian street art. A perfect mix of chic and kitsch these shoulder grazing beauties are a charming addition to any ensemble. Learn More

  7. Simple Product

    Tie and dye earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 1,850.00

    Tie and dye inspired earrings channeling some indigo love your way! Learn More

  8. Simple Product

    In circles studs-yellow and orange

    Special Price: ₹ 2,650.00

    Geometry unfailingly inspires! We bring to you the simplicity and wonder of circles in this fun and vibrant collection. Learn More

  9. Simple Product

    Grey Rain clouds earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 1,288.00

    Inspired by soft clouds and the lovely rains that they bring. The rain clouds earrings perfectly capture the mood of the monsoon we all love! Learn More

  10. Simple Product

    Seashell earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 3,296.00

    Beautiful earrings from the Oceans's love collection in delicious  tropical hues. Learn More

  11. Simple Product

    In Circles Stick earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 2,200.00

    Geometry unfailingly inspires! Here's a collection inspiredby beautiful symetry with a fun twist. Learn More

  12. Simple Product

    In circles stud earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 2,650.00

    Geometry unfailingly inspires! We bring to you the simplicity and wonder of circles in this fun collection. Learn More

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