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  1. Simple Product

    Gold bulb danglers

    Special Price: ₹ 3,605.00

    A little light and a little happiness from us to you, With these gorgeous gold bulb danglers! Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Illuminate lapis eaarrings

    Special Price: ₹ 5,245.00

    Bring the light in with the illuminate collection with quirky bulbs and gorgeous hues! Learn More

  3. Simple Product

    Gold Bulb earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 2,266.00

    Bring a little light with you wherever you go with these quirky gold bulb earrings! Learn More

  4. Simple Product

    Tie and dye danglers

    Special Price: ₹ 876.00

    Simple and elegant earrings inspired by the gorgeous indigo tie and dye patterns. Pair these with your fav outfit and add a bit of fun to your look! Learn More

  5. Simple Product

    Matka earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 3,965.00

    Quintessentially Indian the matka has been around us for generations, our earrings inspired by this beautiful innovation bring to you Indian intricacies with a very contemporary twist. Learn More

  6. Simple Product

    Jaipur love statement earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 3,605.00

    Inspired by the beauty and vibrance of the city, capturing its essence in vivid colours and intricate patterns. Fall in love with the fun and dynamic pieces from this collection  Learn More

  7. Simple Product

    Tribal Balis

    Special Price: ₹ 2,936.00

    Statement tribal earrings in gorgeous hues of blue with a shimmerring texture! Learn More

  8. Simple Product

    Hathi cheeti statement earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 3,605.00

    Inspired by the two best friends who have never failed to make us laugh! A fun and vibrant collection to brighten up your day! Learn More

  9. Simple Product

    Three charm lotus earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 2,936.00

    Inspired by the lotus paintings on trucks andstreet art, this bracelet is the perfect blend ofkitsch & chic! Learn More

  10. Simple Product

    Lotus and pearl earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 2,266.00

    Lovely earrings with pearl studs and and golden lotuses are an elegant pair that go well with everything. Learn More

  11. Simple Product

    Paper planes earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 2,936.00

    Fun and flirty earrings in glamorous gold and vibrant enamel work. Learn More

  12. Simple Product

    Pink green madhubani earrings

    Special Price: ₹ 2,266.00

    Bringing to you the vibrance and colours of Mithila, the madhubani collection inspired by the eye caatching geometric patterns and colours of this lovely art form, translates beautifully in these jewels, light and breezy they make an effortless statement. Learn More

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